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                                 Earth Building Tour Become a Vogue
With changes of the times and updating of life ideas of the people, more and more urbanites yearn to visit earth buildings (houses of the Hakkas made of earth and most of which are either circular or quadrangular). During the visiting to the earth building, both foreigners and domestic travelers can feel straightforwardness, alacrity and hospitality of the Hakkas who are as simple and unsophisticated as laterite.  
There are innumerable earth buildings in Yongding, such as Chengqi Tower which is honored as “the king of earth buildings”, Zhencheng Tower which is called as “the prince of earth buildings”, “tiger” Kuiju Tower and grand Fuyu Tower, a Wufeng (Five-Phoenix) Tower surrounded by mountains and water.
Fuyu Tower, whose whole ridge was painted with colors and carved with auspicious animals and birds’ such as peacocks and phoenixes as well as flowers, just likes a phoenix spreading wings. The building takes the third hall as the central axis and has symmetrical wing-rooms in types of three halls with two wing-rooms, three halls with four wing-rooms and three halls with six wing-rooms on both sides, etc. The slope of nine ridges of the Fuyu Tower is gentle and simple, but also splendid. Its decorations are delicate and peculiar with two ends like ox horn or phoenix-tail. And the exterior walls of Fuyu Tower are plastered with white lime. Fuyu Tower emerges layer upon layer just as a grand mansion or palace with delicate decorations inside. Some Chinese and foreign architects are amazed at its structure. It is the distinctive structure of the Tower that attracts many Chinese and foreign visitors and fascinates them and also brings considerable economic incomes for the people there.

With the change of modern family, the traditional family mode of three or four generations in the same household becomes out-of-date. Changing ideas of the younger generation and rapid pace of modern life make it difficult for the young to share their time with the elder. Thus the elder now value family love and filial piety even more. Filial travel, as a type of filial piety, rises gradually in the city. I had recently come across travelers from Fuzhou in Fuyu Tower, a daughter and a daughter-in-law emulatively buying local specialty for an elder ant the elder smiling happily. The daughter softly and cordially retailed the history of the earth buildings introduced by the guide to her mother as if she were pouring parting to her mother. This type of filial travel most concretely and fashionably represents concerns to the life quality of the old.
With the improvement of cultural quality of the people, a novel and civilized consumption, inviting friends to visit the earth building, gradually rises in the city. I had recently met a group of travelers from Zhejiang, among whom there were two students from key universities. Their friends asked them to “stand treat”, thus the two invited their friends to visit the “earth buildings” to enjoy picturesque scenes among mountains and rivers and foster their sentiment, which greatly satisfied their friends. “Inviting the guests to visit the earth building” is just a new fashion of the urbanites, through which people will have more opportunities to enjoy brilliant cultures and beautiful scenes implied in the earth buildings.

Host’s Welcome to Visitors
As the saying goes “East or west, home is the best.” However, if you go to the earth buildings, Fuyu Tower, to lodge, you will feel at home.
In recent years, the family of the owner of Fuyu Tower, Lin Qinsheng and Lin Qinming are well-known for their considerate services for the travelers. They often help the travelers overcome their difficulties. On arriving in the earth building, a foreign visitor got vomitive and lax. After learning that, they hurried to get the doctor of the local hospital in to see the foreign traveler, prepared the medicine from the hospital and cleaned the room again. They even did not leave the room with reassurance until they saw the patient asleep. On another occasion, a traveler from Zhejiang lost his advanced camera for it was difficult to hire a car, and they tried their best to find the traveler which greatly moved the traveler. They have ever found money and articles of the travelers for many times, and returned all of them to the owners. During the golden travel week, in case of being short of return tickets, they go to railway station to reserve the railway tickets for the travelers. “I have really seen interpersonal social relation here”, said a traveler. A traveler named Yuanyuan from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University left words saying “particular simplicity and hospitality of the Hakkas makes me much more eager to come here again to enjoy passional entertaining of the owner of Fuyu Tower again.” Also a traveler Xingu Quzi from Japan excitedly wrote down “for your passional care, I am in a sound sleep. I am very happy and hope to meet you again some time in future.” A traveler Jiang Yanling from Singapore also wrote down “16 years ago, I have ever visited Yongding Xiayang Earth Buildings, and I am very excited to revisit the historical architectures today and hope that these precious cultural heritages can be passed down.”        
To make the travelers have a good time, enjoy a better fare and a comfortable stay, Lin Qinsheng, the owner of Fuyu Tower, carefully laid out 22 rooms equipped with Simmons beds, TV sets and fanners, etc. And they also set up better toilets and water heaters in the external cordon of the earth building so as to convenience the travelers. In respect of food, they make full use of traditional folk food and draw on essence of food of all regions to form distinctive Hakka flavors. The owner of the building often serves the travelers with potherbs, iced verdolaga, bean curd with scallion, bamboo shoots with pickled cabbage, etc. Racily tasting delicious potherbs is a wonderful experience. Potherb-Eating used to mean a tough struggle in a rough life in the past, while now is regarded as a choice of taste and becomes a fashion.  The President of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute wrote down “I call round Yongding Hakka earth buildings, and make friends with Lin Qinsheng, the owner of Fuyu Tower; I tabernacle in Fuyu Tower for one night, the travel to Fujian impress me a lot.” Yang Fan, a traveler from Beijing, also wrote “the earth buildings and their owners have made unforgettable impression on me, and I wish the earth buildings will exist forever and their owners happy forever.” 
“Earth building people” exert their wisdom to keep enriching the cultural connotation and enhancing the cultural taste of the earth buildings. Now the earth buildings have become an important base for construction of spiritual civilization. People can not only get a relaxation and character-building here, but also can know about China and history and feel civilization from travel. The travel to the earth buildings is not just for sightseeing, it is more important to put scenery, history and fun into teaching and to purify souls of the travelers in this simple natural scenery.